Who is Diane Lynn Moberg?

On Sunday, October 30th, 2011 at approx. 9:00pm I returned to my vehicle which was parked on NW 23rd Ave. between Hoyt and Irving to discover my rear driver-side bumper and rear hatch of my 2011 Nissan Juke had been scraped (gouged through the paint causing actual body damage).

A small paper business card with a handwritten note was left on my driver-side front window between the window and the rubber window guard. But because of the heavy rain that night, the paper was degrading and was stuck to my window. In an attempt to retrieve it, the note had fallen into my door.

I immediately called my insurance company and explained the situation, they told me they wouldn’t cover any labor for opening the door up and getting to the note. I wasn’t very happy with the situation.

A week later, after obtaining a full factory service manual for my car (a manual that does not come with a car and details every last component down to the individual bolts…), I was able to open up my entire door panel to retrieve the note. I was elated to find that I was able to read the note and the name, phone number, address, and email address on the card. I scanned the note so I could email it to my insurance company.

note1 note2

“Please [call me!] I scrapped [your] bumper when I was parking, so sorry! -Diane”

On Friday, November 4th, I attempted to call Diane, two rings and straight to voicemail. I left a friendly message with my contact info.

In the following week I attempted to contact Diane Moberg, via phone and email. My calls and emails were not returned. Another week had gone by and I attempted to call again, this time I reached a disconnected number.

I took to the internet in a search, and found a LinkedIn account, and another phone number. Both were dead ends. I needed a clear head, undistracted from the fact that my less than 1 year old new 2011 Nissan Juke had an open wound on it’s rear.

Busy with work and life, and enjoying my new marriage (I married Katie on October 14th, just two weeks before this whole ordeal)… before I knew it a few months had gone by.

Sometime in January 2012 I decided to ‘open the case back up’.

I took to the internet, using information sources available to the public. The first obvious lead was the business name, dMedia. Using the address from the business card, I searched for “dMedia Sun Valley Idaho” on Google. There didn’t seem to be an official site for this business, however there were plenty of online listings. The all seemed to be pointing to a different number than the card: 208-726-9105. Maybe this was an office line! I dialed, no one picked up and the voicemail referred to the business as “Western Publishing and dMedia”, in a male voice. An internet reverse number lookup on the number had some listings for Mountain Media-Imagelink in Ketchum, Idaho. At least it wasn’t disconnected. I left a voicemail explaining who I was and who I was trying to reach and why. A few days passed, no returned call. Another dead end.

I forgot about the matter again and a few more months had gone by. My insurance company told me I had two years to file a claim myself on the damage, and they were able to find a license plate and some other information, but a lot of it was coming up cold.

Sometime in the spring of 2012, I decided to try again. I used intelius.com to run a search for Diane Moberg in Sun Valley. One result. Diane Lynn Moberg. Address history included Ketchum, ID, San Mateo, CA, Corvallis, OR among other Northern California, Idaho, and Oregon locations, as well as two relatives: Karl Kreutzer and Luanne Kreutzer. Anything else and I’d need to pay for the report. I wasn’t about to do that.

Multiple other sources brought me information I already knew or that was mostly useless. The same PO Box, the same useless numbers, and an array of past cities and relatives.

I was able to find contact information for all of her relatives: Alan Moberg, her father, living in Keizer, Debra Moberg Huggins, her sister, who owns a Kid’s Shop of some sort in Corvallis.

Public information is my friend!

Finally, a lead: business entries for dMedia in the Idaho Secretary of State’s website for business records.


360 9TH ST
KETCHUM, ID 83340 3134

Bingo. Her home address. Bit wait, this appears to be some sort of apartment complex or condos. Without a unit number this address is useless. I search the archives of her business filings. I noticed there are RECENT registrations for the business — she’s renewed her business since the accident. At least I knew she was still alive and a real person.

I find a 2007 registration that includes her apartment number. http://www.sos.idaho.gov/tiffpilot/tiffpilot.exe?FN=\\sosimg\corp$/%5C08052008%5CAREPORTS08218163437.tif

360 9TH ST E #23
KETCHUM, ID 83340 3134

Apparently, in 2007, the filings were done on paper and her handwriting matches the note on the business card left on my car. Everything is coming together. However, there was no phone number on any of the filings. And even more confusing, her later (2010) filings included a different unit number, and 2011 and 2012’s filings had no unit number at all.

360 9TH ST E #25

So three things are possible:

She moved apartments in 2010
The first two entries were a typo that were corrected in 2010
The 2010 entry is a typo.

I searched rental history for both unit #23 and unit #25. At this point the game was to see just how much information is publicly available about someone with the possible bonus of having my car repaired.

Unit #23 has been on and off the market over the past 5 years, where unit #25 has not. It seems to be that unit #25 is likely the correct unit, and the earlier entries were typos.

So now I have an address. I think about writing a letter, but instead i just forward it on to the insurance company. In my searches I find even more info. Her age (now 49), extended family, more siblings. All useless junk info.

Two years later…

Before I know it, its September 2013. Almost two years after the accident, and I have to get my car fixed. I can let this all go, pay $500, and have it repaired. Or I can file a police report for a hit-and-run, forward the case number to my insurance company, and get a discounted deductible ($300). Either way my insurance company will have to cover the cost of the repair (around $1700) and will start to AGGRESSIVELY go after her in an attempt to get that money back.

So I do it. I file the police report, forward all the info I’ve gathered, and let someone else do some legwork. Portland Police found her in the system, flagged her for hit and run. Progressive is following new leads (they were able to find a license plate number (which they won’t disclose) and the make and model of the vehicle — a Land Rover, as well as an insurance company – State Farm). However its not known if this vehicle or coverage were active or involved in the accident, but they do belong to Ms. Moberg.

If they do track her and her insurance down, I’ll be refunded the deductible. If Portland PD for whatever reason pulls her over or randomly runs her plate while she is in town, she faces up to 1 year in jail and fines up to $6250.

What I don’t get is — why didn’t she do the right thing and return my call or emails? She left a note. Why leave a note and never get back to me? I think she was either with someone or there were people who witnessed the accident so she had to do something. Or, she changed her mind about doing the right thing in the time between writing the note and my call to her.

Regardless, I feel like I know way too much about her, and I’m finally putting this matter to rest. At least, for now.

A Button always collects his debts.