The CRC is Dead. Long live the CRC.

Earlier this month, thanks to the Washington’s legislature, the┬áColumbia River Crossing project died. Rightfully so, as it’s projected $10 billion dollar cost could have built twenty four inflation-adjusted Glenn Jackson bridges. Yes. Twenty four. But now that the CRC is dead, I think it would be a good time to rethink how important the visual design of the bridge is to our city.

The original design was a very dry deck truss bridge. Devoid of any style or flare that would add Columbia’s skyline.

crc$10 billion doesn’t even get me the technology package? Damn this economy!

Portland is a city proud of her bridges. So the newest addition to the family should be one that treats I-5 travelers to a view when leaving or entering our city. I’ve always been a fan of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge. Actually, it’s my favorite bridge from a design standpoint. Yes, it’s in Abu Dhabi which is a giant cash bucket, but I feel if we are going to have $10 billion proposals on the table, something with a bit of flare is in order. The Sheikh Zayed cost $300 Million for it’s 2,800 feet. Think we could cover the 3,538 feet needed for the new interstate bridge for a cool $1 Billion?

pretty-bridgeThis looks like something that leads to Starfleet Academy… and that’s a good thing.

Nevermind the specific design of this bridge, but at least there was some thought put into the visual style of the structure. Something that brings a much needed modern flare to the area. Great architecture elevates the ‘brand’ of a city, and if we are going to try to get the PMA back to being the silicon forest it once was, we’ll need to invest in the form of Portland as much as the function!