My General Composition

As a 30 year old, I’ve experienced the awesomeness of a late 80s and early 90s childhood, and the crumbling disappointment of a early 00’s adulthood. Born in 1982 in Laguna Beach, California, I moved to Portland in 1995, and moved back to Orange County shortly after my high school graduation in 2001, only to find myself back in Portland in 2008 (and finding my future wife only a few short months after my move!).

I consider both places home and love them both, although my wife will attest to the fact that I annoyingly compare Portland to Orange County or LA on a regular basis (no seriously all power lines should really be underground…)

I think you can learn a lot about a person from their passions, of which I have quite a few:

My first is all things design – both digital and traditional. For this reason, it’s my chosen career. Like many other designers, I’ll see the design choices made in every object or media I encounter. Sometimes it’s a curse, but I’m lucky to live in such a diverse, design-friendly city such as Portland. This passion led to my career as a graphic artist.

My second is ocean free-diving, an activity introduced to me by a very good friend and obviously not very prevalent in Portland. Some of my best memories in adulthood take place off the coast of Shaws Cove in Laguna Beach, doing depth exercises and exploring coral formations and sea life sans-tank. I try to get back down to OC a few times a year and make diving one my my priorities.

I count sushi, technology, cars, video games, science, and politics among my other passions and hobbies.

I’ve started this blog as a platform for me to organize and share my general musings and thoughts without clogging my social media with soapbox posting. I’ll expect the general theme to be about design opinions, married life, movies and tv, preparing to become a father, and maybe a bit of politics here and there.

Nothing too heavy.