The Emerging Photog

At the tail end of last year Katie and I decided to pool christmas gift money and some savings and get a Canon 70D. It’s a SLR powerhouse of a camera. Over the next few months we took a basic photography class together, and I will continue into an advanced class  to refine my technique in June. We decided on this investment for two reasons — first, we want to capture our new baby and growing family as the years go on. Second, developing a talent for photography and adding it to my list of skills is a huge bonus from a business perspective.


It’s definitely harder and more time consuming than people make it look. Over the past couple months I’ve been trying to hone the craft. I can tell I have quite some time in front of me before I really get where I want to be, but right now I’m pretty confident doing the boring corporate stuff like product shots and corporate portraits.


Currently I am into it around $1700. A few lenses including the “nifty fifty” Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II which is magic for portraits and a giant four-color reflector that I haven’t used yet. There’s potential for way, way more money to be spent… one of the lenses I want is as much as the camera itself.

We are still planning Katie’s maternity shoot which will be in June. I am still scouting locations and researching different ideas for the style I want to go with. I’m hoping to pick up one or two small time gigs in the summer to get my feet wet, with the goal of recouping the camera’s cost by the end of the year.

So far so good! I can really see myself getting into photography as a non-full time passion.